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Savings Goals: The Easy Way to Plan & Track Your Savings

You want to save money for the future—an emergency fund, a new home, and maybe even a vacation. But you still have to pay your bills every month, and you want some spending money to enjoy today. It’s hard to know how to balance it all.

You need more than a savings tracker or a savings goal app. You need a comprehensive personal finance app that takes everything into account—income, bills, loan payments, spending money, short-term goals, long-term goals, saving for retirement ... everything.

And it needs to be easy to use. It needs to help you start saving instead of feeling like one more thing you have to do. That’s why we created Simplifi.

Simplifi puts everything in one place, with a personalized spending plan that’s designed just for you. Add as many savings goals as you want, and Simplifi will calculate them all into the plan automatically.

What Simplifi savings goals can do for you

1. Add goals the easy way—here’s how it works

When you add a new savings goal, Simplifi shows you how much you need to save every month to get there. Or, tell Simplifi how much you want to save every month, and Simplifi will adjust your timeframe.

It’s like a savings goal calculator without the calculator. You can play with the numbers until your savings goal is set up the way you want it.

Want to make sure you save enough every month? Tell Simplifi to add your savings goal to your spending plan. The app will set aside money automatically so you don’t spend it by mistake.

Do you add to your retirement account straight from your paycheck? You can still set goals to track your contributions. Simplifi won't add those goals to your spending plan unless you tell it to.

Edit your savings goals easily screen on mobile phone

2. Track as many goals as you want (without adding accounts)

As you set up new savings goals, Simplifi adds them to your list so you can see your progress on them all in one place. You can even assign each goal an emoji, like a present for the holidays or an umbrella for your rainy-day emergency fund.

As you make your savings contributions every month, Simplifi congratulates you and tracks that money in each goal. You don't even need a special savings account.

Even if you keep your savings in your primary bank account, or any other account for that matter, the app displays your savings as a separate line in your account balance, where you can see it.

Of course, if you want to take advantage of compounding interest rates, Simplifi can handle that too. Just connect your high-interest savings account or money-market account to the app. Simplifi lets you track all your money in one place.

3. Plan for the short term and the long term—together

Because Simplifi lets you add as many goals as you want, it gives you complete flexibility as a savings tracker. Save for as many different things as you want to, over any combination of timeframes.

Set money aside for a new car. Create another goal for your summer vacation. Create a third to pay down your credit cards.

Build over 5 years to buy a home while also saving for 5 months toward your holiday spending. Simplifi keeps track of it all for you.

But the best thing about planning all your goals together is that you can spend money on other things today without worrying about reaching your goals tomorrow.

long term and short term savings goals screen on mobile phone

4. Spend today and still save for tomorrow

By including your savings goals in your spending plan, Simplifi helps you feel confident that the money you spend today is all part of the plan. Your savings are already covered.

So you can go ahead and splurge on those artisanal tacos or that nice bottle of wine and thoroughly enjoy it without worrying about the future.

Simplifi helps you make sure that your bills and your savings are covered in one comprehensive plan.

5. Make a smart plan to pay down your debt

By connecting all your accounts to Simplifi, you have one easy place to make those financial decisions. You can add to your savings from your bank account one month and from the cash in your brokerage account the next.

That’s equally true when you’re ready to combine your financial goals as a couple. You can contribute different amounts at different times from different accounts, and Simplifi will keep track of it all for you.

With Simplifi, you can each see your progress toward those long-term goals, helping you approach your day-to-day financial decisions as a team and reach your goals with confidence.

Are you ready to start enjoying life today while saving for all your tomorrows with Simplifi’s fully flexible savings goals? Pick a Simplifi plan today and try it free for 30 days.