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Simplifi Watchlists: The Legendary Evolution of the Budget Worksheet

For most people, budget lists don’t just sound annoying. They sound exhausting. You don’t want to watch every dime. You don’t want to feel bad for treating yourself once in a while. And you don’t want to spend hours of your weekend plugging numbers into a budget worksheet.

With Simplifi, you don’t have to do any of that to stay on top of your money. Just create a budgeting watchlist to keep track of your spending the easy way, without watching every dime. Keep an eye on your spending in a specific category, like Entertainment. Or at a specific store, like Amazon. Or even with a custom tag you make up, like Vacations.

Best of all, you don’t need a PhD course in how to create a financial watchlist. In fact, Simplifi makes it so easy that we don’t even call them budget lists. We just call them watchlists—because they let you watch your money without ever looking at a budget list or budget worksheet.

Simplifi watchlists are better than budgeting. They give you all the benefits of budgeting without any of the hassles or headaches.

What Simplifi’s custom watchlists can do for you

1. Feel confident about your spending habits

Everyone has that special something they like to splurge on. It could be fast-food takeout that makes your life easier, in-app purchases that make life more fun, or even those over-the-top birthday presents for your kids that make life a little sweeter.

You don’t want to cut back on them, but you still have that nagging question at the back of your mind: “Am I spending too much?”

Watchlists help you stop worrying so you can enjoy those splurges to your heart’s content. Set up a category watchlist to track your fast-food spending, or a payee watchlist to see how much you're spending on those phone apps. You can even create your own tag for “Birthday Gifts” and set up a watchlist for that, too.

You can set up as many watchlists as you want, and the app won’t ever force you to put a budget limit on any of them. You can, but you don’t have to. Simplifi shows you the spending you want to see at a glance, without boxing you into that old-fashioned budget worksheet mentality.

My watchlist dashboard view on a mobile phone

2. Enjoy your guilty pleasures without the guilt

Let’s say you start saving up for something big, like a wedding, a special vacation, or a new home. and now you do want to limit your takeout spending—or at least keep it reasonable.

It’s easy to start feeling guilty about that splurge spending when you’re trying to balance your day-to-day life against your long-term goals. Simplifi helps you master that balance, so you can buy those burgers with confidence, knowing your big plans are still on track.

Just add a monthly limit to any watchlist to turn it into a kind of mini-budget, so you can keep a closer eye on your spending in that specific area. When you add a limit, Simplifi adds a progress bar to your watchlist to show you at a glance how close you are to that limit.

Add as many watchlists as you like, and scan through them in a snap to see your progress on each one, noting which of those bars are getting close to the limit.

Simplifi will even send you notifications about any watchlist limits you set up, letting you know when you’re getting close to your limit for the month. That way, you know when to start cutting back without ever feeling guilty. That splurge spending is all part of the plan!

View of your holiday gifts budget and spending limit on mobile phone

3. Get the notifications you need

Notifications can be great, but they can also be a nuisance. Worse, most apps set their notifications in stone, so you can’t even turn them off—let alone change how they work.

When you set up a watchlist limit in Simplifi, the app automatically creates a notification that will let you know when you’ve spent 90% of your limit for the month.

If you like it that way, great! If you don’t, Simplifi lets you change how your notifications work to fit your budgeting needs.

Would you rather be reminded at 80%? Or 75%? Or even 50%, to let you know you’re halfway there? Just change the notification percent and Simplifi will send your watchlist notifications according to your personal customization.

And, if you’d rather not get those notifications at all, you can turn them off whenever you want to. Simplifi lets you make that call for each type of notification separately, so you can choose the notifications you want and turn off the ones you don’t.

Watchlist approaching target notification on mobile phone

4. Make better choices (that make you happier)

Whether or not you add limits to your watchlists, just setting them up lets you start tracking the spending you care about. That makes you more aware of it, which can help you make better choices without any need for a bulky budget list or complicated budget worksheet.

You may find that you start thumbing open the app and checking that fast-food watchlist before you open Grubhub or DoorDash, just because you have a watchlist to check.

You might even decide to cook at home without checking Simplifi at all.

Paying attention to your spending habits helps you think more consciously about those day-to-day decisions. That doesn’t mean worrying about them. It means taking two seconds to break out of that automatic habit and ask yourself, “Is this something I really want to do? Or is it just something I’m used to doing?”

As a result, you might find a few places where your habits aren’t actually making you happy.

That’s what makes watchlists the best kind of budgeting. You’re not obsessively watching every dime—you’re just making sure you’re using your money where you really want to.

How to create a watchlist on a mobile phone tracking type How to create a watchlist on a mobile phone time horizon Creating a watchlist on a mobile phone success

5. Do more of what you love

At its heart, that’s what Simplifi is all about. Smart budgeting. Evolutionary budgeting. The kind of budgeting that makes you happier—both today and tomorrow.

Let’s say you love weekend getaways. You try to take them as often as you can, but you can’t afford to do it more than 3 or 4 times a year.

Or can you?

Create a Weekend Getaway tag and watchlist in Simplifi. The next time you take one of those getaways, add your new tag to your spending—not just the hotel, but the food you eat, the souvenirs you buy, the cost of that local tour … everything.

Your watchlist will help you make good choices along the way. Then, after your trip, you can dig into Simplifi’s reports to see where that Weekend Getaway money really went.

Are you spending more on food than you thought? Are you buying lots of souvenirs because you feel like you don’t get away very often?

By showing you how you’re spending your money, Simplifi can help you find ways to make those vacations cost a little less—so you can take even more of them.

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