You shouldn’t need to be a finance major to know how to manage your money.

And it shouldn’t be so complicated that it requires spreadsheets, fancy formulas, or hours and hours of data entry.

That’s why, as the makers of the best-selling personal finance software, we released the Simplifi by Quicken personal finance app with the flexibility to fit every lifestyle, even on the go.

Your complete financial picture in one place

Simplifi starts by rounding up all your finances in one place so you can get a holistic picture of your financial life, from your bank account to your employer’s retirement plan.

For some people, that might include one checking account and a student loan. For others, it might involve checking, savings, credit cards, a mortgage, and a 401(k). No matter what your financial situation looks like, Simplifi by Quicken is always up to date and unique to you, letting you know at a glance where you stand financially.

Stay on top of your finances … your way

Once your accounts are connected, Simplifi uses your personalized data to generate the reports and alerts you need, giving you key insights into your finances. You can turn alerts on or off and even change what triggers them, teaching the app what you care about. Like any good personal assistant, the more Simplifi gets to know you, the more it can do to help.

For example, Simplifi will ask you whether that deposit you just made is a regular paycheck, or whether that bill you just paid is a monthly bill. As you help Simplifi identify your regular transactions, it uses that information to create a personalized spending plan that takes your bills and income into account, showing you what you have left to spend.

It also keeps up with your upcoming bills, your recent transactions, your savings goals, and anything else you ask it to track for you. You can even change the dashboard to show you exactly what you want to see, in the order that’s most important to you.

Budgeting without boxing you in

One of the biggest problems Simplifi set out to change is how strictly most budgeting apps box you in. They don’t let you teach the app anything about the way you work. 

You can’t tell it to ignore that vacation from your budget because you saved up for it ahead of time. Or to ignore that bonus check because you’re planning on spending it for something important.

Some apps even force you to budget every last dime. 

Simplifi lets you change just about everything. You can edit your list of monthly transactions any time something changes—or you can use that same list to find the subscriptions you don’t use anymore so you can cancel them.

You can use Simplifi’s new rules to change the way payees get categorized, or even to change the name that gets displayed in the app.

Create watchlists by payee, category, or custom tag to track everything you care about without wasting your time on things that don’t matter.

See your info in a glance on the mobile app when you’re on the go, or explore your finances on the web for deeper insights.

Simplifi lets you work the way you want to because it understands that your personal finances are exactly that—personal, and unique to you.

Keeping it fresh, fun, and for everyone

The whole point of a personal finance app is to make your financial life easier. It should never feel like a burden. That’s why we built Simplifi to do the hard work for you.

We also built it to look friendly because that’s exactly what we want it to be—friendly. Simplifi is the app you can turn to for answers.

See where your money is going in a clean, easy-to-read display. Get a high-level report for the past month with fun icons that give you tips about your personal trends, and celebrate your accomplishments as you make progress toward your savings goals. 

If you ever need help, Simplifi comes with in-app chat and live phone support from our dedicated Simplifi coaches, a YouTube channel, a resource center and blog full of helpful articles, and a vibrant user community. 

You can even set up a time to talk with our product team to let them know anything you’d like to change to make Simplifi better for you. Don’t believe us? Check it out in the help center!

Stress-free money management for less than a cup of coffee

Finally, we wanted to keep Simplifi stress-free, with a team of Simplifi coaches available to help you when you need them. And without any advertising to get in your way.

Some personal finance apps try to sell you services you don’t need or offer up ads for other products—ads that can be distracting or even confusing.

Instead, we decided to build an ad-free app that can pay for itself, helping you find subscriptions you don’t need and other places to save. 

And, for less than the price of one cup of coffee each month, you’ll even have a team of product engineers working full-time to make sure the app keeps growing with you.

So you’ll always have the tools you need to pay down your debt, build up your savings, and live a healthy financial life.

The proof is in the pudding

Have we succeeded? We’ve gotten rave reviews from places like The New York Times Wirecutter (“Best Budgeting App & Tools”) and Investopedia (“Best for Cash Flow”), but the reviews that mean the most are the ones from our customers, telling us how much Simplifi has helped them.

  • “Simplifi has helped me keep track of my finances in a comprehensive manner. It allows me to see in real time how much I have left to spend and to set aside money for monthly savings goals. This has led to realistic expectations for how much I can spend on various categories and still hit my financial goals.” — Bryan J
  • “Simplifi has helped me understand my spending habits and opportunities for financial growth.” — Omar R
  • “The Savings Goals feature has really helped us focus more on how much we are saving” — Brooke H
  • “By understanding what costs and income I have coming up I can plan for unexpected expenses that would normally cripple me.” — Chris S

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